In 1999 when Jon Husband coined the phrase “wirearchy” to express a non hierarchical, distributive way of working it might have seemed far fetched that the rigid organizational structures we have worked with since World War Two would be dismantled. 6a00e54fe3e1f288330192ac156852970d-800wi

The truth is, organizational structure is increasingly porous. Deloitte estimates that by 2020 “half the people you rely on won’t work for your organization”.

The management of learning, skills and talent and subsequent talent optimization must be organized for modern employees. Imagine the following: someone in your organization has a problem. They reach out for support from their personal network. The message is responded to by an expert, and the problem solved. So much for performance support.

Sharing, analyzing and benefiting from information exchange no longer relies on people being part of a structure. They only need to be on the network. Jon Husband’s wirearchy might just be what we need for a well connected responsive learning system that stretches outside the organization but which, thanks to its analytical power, benefits the organization hugely.

Ara Ohanian

Ara Ohanian
VP & GM, Infor

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