May 23

Learning at work day inspires…


In the UK, the campaign for learning has annual event called Adult Learning Week during which one day is highlighted as Learning at Work Day.

Of course in reality, every day is learning day at work whether you realize you are learning or not. But the great thing about Learning at Work Day is that it pulls everyone together in a celebration of learning: large organizations may put on short sample courses, individuals may help people learn something new and vendors will often give courses and opportunities away.

Ara Ohanian
CEO & Chief Happiness Officer

The aim of all this activity is twofold. Firstly it raises the profile of learning within the organization for managers who often don’t know what is happening in their training departments and also for those who do not consider themselves engaged in learning at work. It spreads the word about learning internally. But, because of the publicity surrounding it, the day also raises the profile of learning at work at large. This keeps learning on the political agenda and means that organizations not celebrating Learning at Work Day get the message…

All told then it sounds like Learning at Work Day is a great initiative. I have only one issue with it – it shouldn’t be national. Why don’t we all work together to make 2014 a global celebration of all that we do best at work? Join the conversation #NLAWDay

Thank you,
Ara Ohanian
Chief Happiness Officer & CEO, CERTPOINT Systems

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