Mar 20

International Happiness Day


Today is International Happiness Day, and it feels like my birthday!

Ara Ohanian
CEO & Chief Happiness Officer

A few years ago, when I changed the title on my business card from CEO to Chief Happiness Officer, many colleagues and friends thought I was losing my mind. But today, they have come around and understand why it was an important business and personal decision.

Changing the middle part of my title from “executive” to “happiness” was similar to Richard Nixon convincing the world to move away from the gold standard and pegging all currencies and commodities to the Almighty Green Back: The Dollar!

Today, for me the new currency of business and personal success is happiness. Without it ideas can’t find a home, and synergies can’t develop among teams at work or on the field.

International Happiness Day should remind us that no business can succeed unless three key stakeholders are showered with happiness: employees, customers and shareholders.

So to all who read this entry, Happy International Happiness Day!!!”

Thank you,
Ara Ohanian
Chief Happiness Officer & CEO, CERTPOINT Systems

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