Mar 4

CERTPOINT gears up for growth with Infor


Today sees the beginning of a new era for CERTPOINT Systems and I wanted to share the news …

This morning we announced our intent to merge with Infor, the world’s the third-largest provider of enterprise applications and services.

Over the past 17 years we’ve built a company I’m incredibly proud of. We have seen it grow from a small start up, launched in 1996 when my father, Constantin Ohanian, and I were inspired by the way new technologies were changing the business landscape. It was our belief that large corporations would need to transform business critical knowledge into measurable results for competitive knowledge. We also believed that the solution had to be technologically advanced, yet simple enough to be operated by non-technical people. The result was our all-in-one software platform CERTPOINTVLS™ designed with one simple goal – to deliver business impact.

And now, thanks to the collective talent, drive and passion of the greatest team of people I have had the privilege to work with, we have grown to become an award-winning global learning technologies innovator and pioneers of world-class of social and mobile learning technologies.

Inevitably, we reached a tipping point – our business needed greater depth of resource to grow further, to fulfil its potential and become a true global powerhouse. So for some time we have been looking for a like-minded partner who shares our culture of passion and focus on innovation.

And we met Infor – a smart operation led by very, very smart people who share our values. Better still, a company which not only liked our product, but also realized that the product was only as good as the sum of the people.

Ara Ohanian

Infor was looking to take HR hiring initiatives deep into extended enterprise business learning with innovation, a focus on contextual business intelligence and advanced mobile and social technologies.

CERTPOINT was looking for a greater depth of resource to allow us to concentrate on what we’re good at: innovation and great products that deliver business results for clients.

We’re joining a great team – and tremendously excited by our new prospects ahead.

Expect more soon…..

Thank you,
Ara Ohanian
Chief Happiness Officer & CEO, CERTPOINT Systems

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  1. Chris Turney says:


    Sounds like a great opportunity. Hope you and your team continue to thrive with your new partner.

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