Jan 25

2012 saw the world gripped by a Korean artist-turned-global-phenomenon thanks to YouTube while Facebook registered its billionth user. Fast-changing innovative technologies have taken L&D to the tipping point of change and, with this in mind, I have gazed into my crystal ball to predict steps to success for 2013….

Ara Ohanian
CEO & Chief Happiness Officer

  • Social learning will become must-have rather than nice-to-have as it moves to an integral part of knowledge learning
  • L&D professionals evolve from teachers to curators to provide the context in which conversations are held and will filter and share the best with the organization.
  • L&D  moves from traditional lessons to contextual intelligence. Product innovation  has simply become too fast for “prescribed” learning as people need rapid product knowledge beyond what a product is and does.  Technologies today scale knowledge to bring thousands of relevant conversations at the right time.
  • Leadership understanding becomes critical mass. Social technologies will become the norm for general business use and there will be an escalation in organizations using rapid knowledge transfer to improve performance.
  • The true L&D professional  emerges as the role expands to embrace creative thinking, business collaboration, and focus on speed and delivery against business objectives.

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Best wishes for the year ahead.

Ara Ohanian
Chief Happiness Officer & CEO, CERTPOINT Systems

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