Oct 10

Is the LMS dead? I don’t think so.


In a report published this week Bersin Associates forecast the size of the LMS market for 2013. http://bit.ly/WRna9j. And it’s big- $1.9 billion globally.

In a world of growing connectivity and increased global reach this shouldn’t come as surprise. Top executives know that skills are crucial so inevitably they’ll invest in learning technologies.

But to ensure connectivity between people and the information and other assets of an organization, it’s natural to want a single integrated platform. Does today’s LMS offer that? Absolutely.

Anyone thinking of learning management systems as mechanisms for delivering the “click next” training of a decade ago needs to think again. LMS’s have moved on just as learners and organizations have. Particularly for large organizations looking to enable mobile learning, user generated content, collaborative learning, and workplace assignments, where having a flexible platform to manage this from is essential.

As the importance of skills continues to grow in the workplace so will the need for learning technologies.

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  1. I actually speculate as to why you named this particular posting, “Is
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