Jul 4

We were delighted to sponsor the 2012 LSG Conference last week with eleven highly-respected speakers from the industry including Clive Shepherd, Jane Hart, Nigel Paine, Steve Wheeler, Jane Bozarth, Karen Hyder, Laura Overton, David Wilson, Charles Jennings, Jay Cross and Mark Oehlert.

The key theme across the eleven speakers was that learning and development must move from merely delivering courses to being integrated to the courses. It needs to become an integral part of the business. David Wilson was explicit about this in his presentation on integrating talent management. Laura Overton expressed the same idea when she talked about learning and development and the machinery of business. In the past, she said, L&D had risked being the spanner in the works. Now, L&D has a new role to play – and should shift from being the oil in the business allowing things to run smoothly to become an additional cog in the organizational drive train. If set up right, L&D amplifies the business – putting it into overdrive and enabling it to achieve more for the same effort.

A number of key phrases resonated with the hundreds of delegates attending from the world over. I’ll simply mention two here because they sum up how to achieve success as we change the role of L&D. The first comment that touched a chord with everyone was: “success smothers cynicism”. How very true… And the second, in response to the perpetual question as to what delegates could put into practice after the conference came from Mark Oehlert “start small, think big, move fast”.

The on-line conference touched on many of the key issues facing us all today. It was hugely engaging and sparked much chat and debate in the community.

Thanks to Don Taylor for staging, managing and leading the event.

Maria van Vlodrop
General Manager

Maria van Vlodrop

Maria van Vlodrop

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