eMarketer predicts that US tablet users will double this year to nearly 70 million, about 29% of the country’s internet users. What implications does this have on how training is delivered in the workplace today?

My view is that When people are learning on the move with mobile devices there are more and different things they can do. For sure you need training courses, in addition you need a strategy that makes the most of mobile. And that means considering some questions – for example:

  • how can I make sure people with different mobile devices can all access experts at work?
  • how can I use mobile information like GPS to help in learning?
  • how will mobile learning be shared? Typically people inside the organization will want to share knowledge with people outside the organization – Making mobile a great device for learning across the extended enterprise …

While mobile offers a great deal of opportunity – we sometimes run the risk that L&D becomes fascinated with the technology and the product and forgets that performance is the main issue.

It’s crucial that systems are integrated and can deliver content to multiple devices including tablets – otherwise time is spent making sure content is consistent across the technologies and not on people’s performance.

What do you think?

Ara Ohanian

Ara Ohanian
Chief Happiness Officer & CEO

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/176545/us-tablet-users-double-to-70-million-in-2012.html#ixzz1xfN8eXhx

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