sometimes you hear some news that just makes you smile.

So if you think you need a lift, I recommend a visit to e-Learning for Kids.

I recently learnt about the great work that this charity is doing under the leadership of its founder and chairman, Nick van Dam, and it certainly made me grin – it made me stop and think, too. It exists to make quality electronic courseware available for free to children throughout the world. For many of these kids, learning represents their best route to a better life – and e-Learning for Kids aims to provide it.

The Dutch/US Non-profit Foundation has high standards and ambitions. Its curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate, and has already reached 1.6 million children. But the charity’s supply is outstripped by rising demand. By 2015, they aim to be in touch with 20 million kids. The volunteers there are a smart bunch – founder Nick van Dam is also the Global Director Learning for eLearning Solutions and Technologies at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu – but they can’t reach this target alone.

That’s why CERTPOINT Systems is proud this week to have become a sponsor of e-Learning for Kids, providing some help, a little advice and yes, some good hard cash.

At a time when many organisations are thinking only of themselves, eLearning for Kids is thinking of others. When knowledge and skills are increasingly the only way to break out of poverty, they are providing them. When the global poor are among the hardest hit by the recession, e-Learning for Kids is giving them hope. For more information and access to the courses visit:

It’s enough to put a smile on your face.

Ara Ohanian

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  3. Flinkstr says:

    Here is some eLearning activities for kids:

    They also allow teachers to create custom activities for their students.

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  8. CERTPOINT says:

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